21 Best Foods That Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

How to boost your testosterone naturally with the best foods! Is it possible?

It is no secret that testosterone levels decrease as we age. In fact, by the time men reach their 50s, 60s, and seventies, they have less than half of the testosterone they had when they were in their 20’s.

It’s not just an issue for older men either; even some young men can experience low testosterone levels. That means many people could benefit from boosting their natural production of this hormone naturally.

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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone produced in the testicles and is responsible for many things in the body.

It is primarily present in males, affecting their sexual development, growth, physiology, muscle development, and brain function.

Testosterone can also influence things like prostate health, fertility, mood, aggression, and risk-taking behavior.

What Happens if You Have Low Testosterone Levels?

If you’re experiencing low testosterone levels, you might notice some bodily changes, such as losing lean muscles and strength. You will also start to accumulate body fat and see an increase in weight overall.

You will feel more tired than usual, your energy levels will be low, and you will lack focus and concentration in your daily life.

When it comes to your sexual health, you may feel that you are not mood to have sex. Your libido and stamina will be lower, and in more severe cases, you may have erectile dysfunction.

These are just some of the side effects of low testosterone levels. But there are some things you can do to help improve your situation.

21 Best Foods That Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Luckily, many foods will help you do just that! All you need to do is start looking at your diet and see how you can add these 21 Best Foods That Boost Your Testosterone Naturally to your diet.

Some of the chosen ones are food that boost testosterone and lower estrogen at the same time.


Tuna a great testosterone booster

Tuna is a good protein source and rich in Vitamin D, promoting long-life health and better testosterone production.

Fresh tuna is preferred because it tastes better but can be pretty expensive and hard to hold. But sushi a couple of times during the week is an option.

Canned tuna can be just as good when it comes to getting your daily servings of proteins and vitamin d. Also, it will be a lot easier to prepare if you are busy.

Just make sure you consume a tuna, not on the endangered list of tunas, such as the Southern, the Atlantic, or the Pacific bluefin tuna.


If you are not into tuna, then perhaps salmon is a better choice for you?

Here you are also getting a good dose of vitamin d, but also vitamin b, magnesium, and omega-3s. All are very potent when you want to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

On top of that, these ingredients will also help you lower the levels of the “Sex Hormone Binding Globulin” (SHBG), which decreases the effects of testosterone. It means your existing levels of testosterone will have a more significant impact on your body.

To get the most out of eating salmon, you should try to get it twice a week, like a steak. If you can, you should have wild salmon since it is a lot better than the farmed salmon that most stores are selling.

Keep in mind that the orange color is not an indication of better quality. Salmon farmers often add extra color to the fish to make it look more appealing.


Shellfish come with high zinc levels and can help you push your testosterone levels in the right direction.

Again, the zinc in shellfish will also be beneficial to your male productive health.

Remember that shellfish such as shrimps contain high cholesterol levels, so don’t go overboard having shellfish daily.



Oysters are one of the best foods that can increase testosterone levels.

They contain zinc, selenium, and vitamin D, which all help the body produce more testosterone. They also provide an excellent balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, optimal for boosting your testosterone levels.

Oysters are among the foods that contain the most zinc. It is an important compound to produce testosterone, promote sperm health, and take care of your reproductive function.

For best results, you should aim to get some oysters twice a week. If you are not happy about oysters, shellfish, red meat, or beans can be an alternative.


Here is another excellent testosterone booster that can raise your levels naturally.

Beef is an excellent source of vitamin D and zinc, and it is even better if you can get some beef liver.

With that being said, you must keep your beef intake limited since too much of it is linked to cancers such as colon cancers.

Also, some beef may contain elevated levels of trans fat and cholesterol.

Lean beef once or twice a week should be enough to boost your testosterone naturally.


Eggs are one of the best natural ways to increase your testosterone levels. Organic eggs are a perfect option in this regard.

Eggs are rich in vitamin D, omega 3’s, zinc, and cholesterol.

Earlier eggs got kind of a bad rap due to their higher levels of cholesterol. However, if you keep your intake of eggs in moderation, one or max two eggs daily shouldn’t cause any significant damage.

If you have high cholesterol levels or diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before following this tip.

Some people prefer only having the whites, others to only have the yolk. But honestly, it is a waste of eggs only to consume half of it.

Eggs are also rich in protein and are a great daily source to build lean muscles.


Spinach is an excellent way of boosting your testosterone levels naturally. It has plenty of vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, vitamin D, and zinc which can help to increase testosterone production.

Also, spinach has high amounts of antioxidants which are essential for protecting the body from cancer.

A great way to get spinach is to get the leaves as a salad that you consume daily with your main meals. It is a much better choice than an iceberg salad.

You can also go the Popeye way and get your spinach in cans.


Beans a testosterone boosters

Beans, including chickpeas, lentils, baked and green beans, offer many benefits to your male health and testosterone levels.

If you want to go the vegetarian route, they are rich in zinc, selenium, and plant-based proteins.

Furthermore, beans are rich in fibers that are suitable for your overall health and digestion. You might want to go easy on your intake of beans at the beginning because the fibers can cause some constipation.


A regular intake of mushrooms will lead to healthier testosterone levels, so you better use them regularly in your cooking. And it shouldn’t matter that much what type of mushrooms you are using.

On top of that, Oyster mushrooms may contain compounds that can block the aromatase enzyme from functioning and prevent testosterone to the female hormone estrogen conversion.


According to a study made back in 2012, a group of 75 men took a ginger supplement for three months. They were able to increase their testosterone levels by 17.7%. At the same time, ginger may have improved semen quality as well.

The result of this test is further backed up by another study from 2013 where researchers were able to increase testosterone in diabetic rats in just 30 days.

Ginger has been around for centuries and has been used in various dishes and medicine.

Low-Fat Milk

Milk is one of the more significant sources when it comes to proteins and calcium.

On top of that, milk also contains vitamin D, suitable for your testosterone levels and your wife’s estrogen levels.

You can also add yogurt, cheese, cream, and butter to the list to spice things up. All come with essential nutrients and are good to increase your HGH levels and testosterone.

However, if the cows you are getting your milk from are feed with soy, your dairy products may have levels of estrogen and progesterone that will counteract the testosterone.

Therefore, make sure your dairy products are coming from grass-fed cows.


Pomegranates great for male health

Sixty healthy participants drank pure pomegranate juice for 14 days. After the test, they showed an average increase of 24% in testosterone.

Secondary, they also experienced a better mood and blood pressure.

According to the International Journal of Impotence Research have stated that 47% of impotent men have experienced improvements in their condition after drinking a glass of pomegranate juice daily.

Besides having it as a juice, pomegranates can also be added to a salad; you can consume the seeds or get it as a supplement.

Pomegranates are definitely among the best foods that boost your testosterone levels naturally.

Extra Virgin Oil

Extra virgin oil is among the best oils to promote male reproductive health and increase your testosterone levels.

In one study, the participants experienced a boost of their serum testosterone levels and an increase in their luteinizing hormone. It stimulates cells in your testicles to produce testosterone.

The best you can do is to stick to extra virgin oil in your cooking. Not only is it good for your testosterone, but it is also one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet, which gives you a lot of health benefits.

Be aware that oils such as soy, canola, and cottonseed oil may decrease your testosterone levels.


Onions can raise testosterone levels because they are loaded with chromium, a mineral that can boost hormones.

Also, onion may enhance testosterone production in men by improving the production of luteinizing hormone and neutralizing the effects of toxins such as the free radicals.

Although favorable results are available, more studies are needed to conclude onion’s ability to raise testosterone levels.

For now, make sure to use some onions in your daily cooking; they will do you good.


Garlic for testosterone

Garlic itself doesn’t act as a testosterone booster, but the allicin found in garlic helps you get rid of the stress hormone cortisol.

It is made in the adrenal gland, where some of your testosterones also are produced. Eliminating cortisol will create more space for your testosterone production.

Fortified Plant Milk

Fortified plant milk can be effective as a testosterone booster because they contain ingredients such as Vitamins A and D, which help to promote male reproductive health and increase testosterone levels.

There may also be other benefits of milk, such as providing more calcium for your bones and vitamin D, which is good for both you and your wife’s mood.

Since fortified plant milk can come from many different sources, it is always recommended to read the label before buying.


Just like garlic, lemons help lower your cortisol levels, making better space for your testosterone production in the adrenal glands.

Lemons also come with a great deal of Vitamin A, which is needed for your testosterone production and can also help lower estrogen levels.


So how can a vegetable like broccoli raise testosterone levels?

Broccolis contains indole-3-carbinol, which can decrease levels of estrogen and raise testosterone levels in the male body.

Indoles also inhibit the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

Feel free to opt-in on cabbage, kale, or other brassicas; they also contain indole-3-carbinol.

Porridge Oats

Porridge Oats for testosterone

Porridge Oats come with vitamin Bs, which are essential for the synthesis of testosterone in the body. They act on the pituitary gland and hypothalamus to stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone.

Vitamin B6 also limits your production of estrogen, making it easier to increase your testosterone levels.


Not only are bananas a great source to maintain your energy levels during or after a workout.

They are also great when it comes to boosting your testosterone levels. It is thanks to the bromelain enzyme, which is known to boost testosterone levels.


Honey contains boron and flavonoid chrysin that can inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

It is also rich in nitrates which can help you to improve your blood flow and give you better and longer-lasting erections.

So next time you crave something sweet, try honey.

Foods to Avoid If You Want to Increase Your Testosterone Level

Just as there are foods that boost your testosterone naturally, foods also kill testosterone and cause adverse side effects of low testosterone levels.

Below is a list of these foods.

  • Soybean products
  • Polished rice
  • Mint
  • Licorice root
  • Some vegetable oils
  • Processed food
  • Alcohol
  • Walnuts
  • Sodas and Juices
  • Fried food
  • Sugar

Learn more about why you should avoid these foods and others in our article 15 Testosterone Killing Foods You Should Avoid.

How to Get Started Using These Foods That Boost Testosterone Naturally

All you have to do is have them daily to get started and get the best results boosting your testosterone levels.

Make sure to switch your testosterone-killing foods from the list above with these testosterone-boosting foods.

Also, limit your intake of fast and junk food. I suggest only having one or two bad meals weekly. Use them as a reward on the weekend for the excellent behavior you had during the week.

Increase Your Testosterone Levels Faster Using TestoPrime

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Here you are getting a unique blend of ingredients, including Fenugreek, Ashwagandha, and D-aspartic acid, which can help raise your testosterone levels for better male and sexual health.

You can learn more about TestoPrime in our review and how to buy TestoPrime.

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