Hello, and thank you so much for dropping by OldGuysFit.com

I hope you like my website and that you are finding the information you are looking for.

In the following, I am going to explain what this website is all about. Why I have started it and who I am.

Who is OldGuysFit.com For?

OldGuysFit.com is primarily for men in their mid-thirties and up. But younger men and women can benefit from reading our content as well.

It is for you who are getting older and, in some ways, are beginning to feel the signs of aging and what to fight it and get the best out of it.

Perhaps you are started to gain weight and want to get rid of body fat and get back in shape?

You are losing lean muscles and would like to get back in the game getting shredded?

Or your testosterone levels are starting to decrease, and you are losing lean muscles, self-confidence, or your sex drive?

OldGuysFit.com is also for you who want to stay updated with the latest men’s health, fitness, and weight loss tips, making sure you are getting the best out of your life.

Our Goal, Mission, and Vision

Our goal and vision are to get you back on track, whether you want to lose weight, improve your male health, or get your self-esteem back.

Our mission is to give you the necessary knowledge and tools to get you started on your health journey and success.

Where OldGuysFit.com is Different

Isn’t OldGuysFit.com just another men’s health fitness site, like Men’s Health?

Not quite! First, because our target audience is a bit older and is dealing with different issues.

Second, we are not trying to set up a picture of perfectionism where everybody has a perfect life, with the ideal body and a sixpack.

We embrace differences and that none of us are perfect.

We are all unique and not stereotyped.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

I am Martin and the owner of OldGuysFit.com. I’m in my late forties, and yes, I am starting to feel the signs of aging myself.

But compared to many others who make things happen and accept it, I decided to fight it and get the best out of my life or what I have left.

It means I spend time staying healthy, hitting the gym, and keeping myself updated with the latest science on health.

Of course, I eat shitty food as well and am staying last from time to time. I am not a health freak but a human.

It is why you should listen to some of the tips I will give you in my articles. I know what you are going through.

I have done quite a few things in my life. I lived in different countries and experienced diverse cultures on good and evil.

The Professional Experience that Qualifies Me to Give You Advice

Earlier I worked with Television, I have worked with marketing, worked as a journalist on local radio stations back in the days where podcasts didn’t exist.

I am also a former certified personal fitness trainer who has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, get back in shape, and get their libido and stamina back.

I was based and had my clients in Los Cabos, Mexico. My clients were a mix of locals, tourists, and many ex-pats from the US and Canada spending their winters in a warmer climate.

I trained them at various gyms, golf clubs, resorts, and private houses, so I have gotten people in shape under challenging situations.

Since I stopped as a personal fitness trainer, I have been writing and blogging about health, fitness, and men’s health on various fitness sites, including FatBurnerJournal.com.


Remember, I am not a doctor or a health professional. So, all the advice I give on OldGuysFit.com is for entertainment purposes only.

You should not use the posts, articles, podcasts, videos, and other information you will find on OldGuysFit.com to treat or cure any diseases or issues you may have.

Information Regarding Commissions

It costs money and time to run a website like OldGuysFit.com.

It means I may or may not make affiliate commissions on the reviews and information regarding products you read.

The commissions will usually be triggered if you click on an external link to the offer and decide to buy the product.

Remember, the commission I may receive will not impact the price you pay for the given product.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


To your health.